A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Disable Mouse Acceleration Mac

How to Disable Mouse Acceleration Mac? For Mac users, the ability to achieve precise mouse movement is vital across various activities, including gaming, graphic design, and general productivity. Mouse acceleration, a common feature in macOS, can interfere with accuracy by dynamically adjusting the cursor speed based on the speed of your mouse movement. While it may suit some users, others prefer a more consistent and predictable cursor movement for tasks that require precise control.

By disabling mouse acceleration on your Mac, you can regain full control over cursor movement and achieve a consistent experience. How to Disable Mouse Acceleration Mac? Whether you’re engaged in detailed graphic design work or aiming for precision shots in a game, eliminating mouse acceleration will provide you with the control and precision necessary to excel in your daily tasks.

This article will walk you through the step-by-step process of disabling mouse acceleration on your Mac, empowering you to achieve the utmost precision and control. With the ability to fine-tune your cursor movements, you’ll experience improved accuracy, enhanced productivity, and a smoother overall user experience.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to disable mouse acceleration on your Mac, allowing you to optimize your workflow, streamline your gaming performance, and unleash your full potential. Let’s dive into the step-by-step instructions and take command of your cursor movements on your Mac.

How to Disable Mouse Acceleration Mac

Access System Preferences

Accessing the System Preferences is the first step towards disabling mouse acceleration on your Mac. By following these simple instructions, you’ll be on your way to gaining full control over your cursor movement:

  1. Click on the Apple menu in the top-left corner of your screen: Look for the iconic Apple logo in the upper-left corner of your Mac’s screen. Give it a click and a drop-down menu will appear.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select “System Preferences”: Scroll down the drop-down menu until you find the option labeled “System Preferences.” Clicking on it will open the System Preferences window, which serves as the control center for various settings and customization options on your Mac.

The System Preferences window provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to personalize your Mac’s settings according to your preferences. It covers a wide range of categories, including display settings, security and privacy, network preferences, and much more. By accessing the System Preferences, you can delve into the specific settings required to disable mouse acceleration.

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Now that you have successfully accessed the System Preferences, you’re ready to proceed to the next steps to disable mouse acceleration on your Mac. By taking control of this setting, you’ll be able to achieve the precise cursor movement you desire, enhancing your overall user experience and boosting your performance across various tasks.

Open Mouse Settings

Within the System Preferences window, you need to navigate to the specific “Mouse” settings to proceed with disabling mouse acceleration on your Mac. How to Disable Mouse Acceleration Mac? The path to access these settings may vary depending on the version of macOS you are using. Here are the instructions for both macOS Big Sur and later, as well as macOS Catalina and earlier:

For macOS Big Sur and later:

  1. In the System Preferences window, click on “Accessibility”: Look for the “Accessibility” icon and click on it. It is represented by a blue and white icon that resembles a person’s silhouette.
  2. From the left-side menu, select “Pointer Control”: Within the Accessibility settings, you will find a list of options on the left-hand side. Scroll down until you locate and click on “Pointer Control.”
  3. Click on “Mouse & Trackpad” to access the mouse settings: Once you are in the “Pointer Control” settings, you will see various options related to controlling your mouse and trackpad behavior. Look for the “Mouse & Trackpad” option and click on it to access the specific mouse settings.

For macOS Catalina and earlier:

  1. In the System Preferences window, click on “Mouse”: Look for the “Mouse” icon and click on it. It is represented by a white mouse icon on a gray background.

Upon clicking the “Mouse” icon, you will be directly taken to the mouse settings. Here, you can access and modify the settings related to your mouse, including the option to disable mouse acceleration.

By following the appropriate path based on your macOS version, you will arrive at the mouse settings where you can disable mouse acceleration and fine-tune other mouse-related options. Take a moment to ensure you are in the correct settings menu before proceeding to the next steps of disabling mouse acceleration on your Mac.

How to Disable Mouse Acceleration Mac

Disable Mouse Acceleration

Once you have reached the mouse settings on your Mac, you are now ready to disable mouse acceleration and regain control over your cursor movement. Follow these steps to disable mouse acceleration:

  1. Look for the checkbox labeled “Increase pointer speed” or “Mouse acceleration”: Within the mouse settings, you will typically find a checkbox that controls mouse acceleration. The exact label may vary depending on your macOS version, but it is often referred to as “Increase pointer speed” or “Mouse acceleration.”
  2. Uncheck the box to disable mouse acceleration: To disable mouse acceleration, simply click on the checkbox to uncheck it. This action ensures that the option for mouse acceleration is turned off, allowing for consistent and predictable cursor movement.

By unchecking the checkbox related to mouse acceleration, you are taking a significant step toward achieving precise and accurate cursor control on your Mac. Disabling mouse acceleration ensures that your cursor moves at a consistent speed, irrespective of how quickly or slowly you move the mouse.

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Remember to explore other mouse settings within the same menu to further customize your mouse behavior according to your preferences. How to Disable Mouse Acceleration Mac? By fine-tuning these settings, you can optimize your cursor speed, scroll behavior, and button functions, tailoring them to your specific needs.

Now that you have disabled mouse acceleration, you can experience a more precise and controlled cursor movement on your Mac. Enjoy the newfound accuracy and improve your productivity or gaming performance with a mouse that moves exactly as you expect it to.

Fine-Tuning Cursor Tracking Speed (Optional)

Fine-tuning the cursor tracking speed is an optional but valuable step after disabling mouse acceleration. Disabling mouse acceleration may alter the overall speed of the cursor movement on your Mac. If you find that the cursor is too slow or too fast for your liking, you can easily adjust the tracking speed to achieve your preferred cursor responsiveness. Here’s how you can fine-tune the cursor tracking speed:

  1. Adjust the slider labeled “Tracking speed” or “Cursor speed” to increase or decrease the cursor’s overall speed: Within the mouse settings, locate the slider that controls the tracking speed. This slider is often labeled as “Tracking speed” or “Cursor speed.” By moving the slider to the right, you can increase the cursor speed, making it move across the screen faster. Conversely, moving the slider to the left will decrease the cursor speed, resulting in slower movement.
  2. Experiment with different settings until you find the desired cursor tracking speed: Adjust the slider incrementally and observe how the cursor responds. Experiment with different settings until you find the cursor tracking speed that feels most comfortable and responsive to your movements. This process is subjective, and the ideal cursor speed may vary from person to person, depending on personal preference and specific tasks.

By fine-tuning the cursor tracking speed, you can achieve a balance that suits your needs and enhances your workflow or gaming experience. How to Disable Mouse Acceleration Mac? Whether you require swift and agile cursor movement or prefer slower and more controlled navigation, adjusting the tracking speed allows you to tailor the cursor’s behavior to your preferences.

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Remember to test different cursor speeds in various applications to ensure that it aligns with your requirements across different tasks. You can always revisit the settings and make further adjustments until you achieve the perfect cursor tracking speed for your Mac usage.

With the ability to fine-tune the cursor tracking speed, you can personalize your cursor’s responsiveness, ensuring optimal comfort and precision in all your daily activities. Enjoy the newfound control and responsiveness of your cursor on your Mac!

How to Disable Mouse Acceleration Mac


Apply the Changes

After disabling mouse acceleration and adjusting the cursor tracking speed (if necessary), make sure to apply the changes by clicking the “Apply” or “OK” button in the bottom-right corner of the mouse settings window.


By following these simple steps, you can disable mouse acceleration on your Mac and achieve precise and consistent cursor movement. Disabling mouse acceleration provides you with a more predictable and controlled user experience, allowing you to navigate through tasks, design projects, or gaming sessions with enhanced accuracy.

Remember, the process of disabling mouse acceleration may vary slightly depending on your macOS version. How to Disable Mouse Acceleration Mac? It’s always recommended to double-check the settings in your specific version or consult Apple’s official support documentation for the most accurate instructions.

With mouse acceleration disabled, you’ll have the freedom to fine-tune your mouse movements, resulting in increased productivity and improved gaming performance. Take control of your cursor and unlock a world of precision on your Mac today!

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