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Corsair Mouse Side Buttons Not Working – Solution 2024

Corsair mouses are one of the best gaming mouses mostly used by gamers all around the world. They have a variety of different mouses from the cheapest to expensive. You can choose the best Corsair mouse according to your budget. But most people complain about their side buttons that after some time side buttons will cause issues. If Corsair mouse side buttons not working then here in this article we will guide you properly on how you can troubleshoot this issue and how you will resolve Corsair mouse side buttons not working issue.

Corsair Mouse Side Buttons Not Working

Corsair is an American company that provides you with the high-end gaming mice that most people use for gaming purposes. The reason why people like these mice so much is because of their amazing features.

Mostly Corsair mouses have side buttons that will help gamers to play games easily. Because they don’t have to click keyboard buttons again and again. Most of their work can be easily done by these mice. Now, different Corsair mouses have different numbers of buttons.

Some mice have only 2 buttons that are used for simple computer work and some mice even have 12 side buttons that are used for gaming purposes but these days corsair mouse side buttons not working and that’s the reason we wrote this article.

Well, there are some ways to fix the Corsair side buttons issue which we gonna tell you one by one. Just follow the exact instructions that we are going to give you and hopefully, it will help you to solve the problem and save your repair money.

The possible and common reasons for Corsair mouse side buttons not working are as follows. First, we will discuss the possible reasons and then we will discuss their fixes.


The first reason for Corsair mouse side buttons not working is its compatibility issue. Corsair mice are compatible with a few systems because they are new-generation mice and have advanced software installed in them that only advanced computer systems support. So, before buying a mouse always check its compatibility whether this mouse is compatible with your computer system or not.

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Some mice only work with Windows 10 and later which are advanced mouses but some mice which are simple and used for simple computer work can be used with Windows 7 or later. So, these windows also play an important role for this mouse. To check whether this mouse is compatible with your system or not kindly read the compatibility description written on the back of the box or visit Corsair’s official website.

Hardware Issue

The next reason for Corsair mouse side buttons not working can be your computer hardware issue. Maybe the port that is used to connect the Corsair mouse is faulty. Try to use your mouse on any other port of your computer to check whether it’s a mouse hardware issue or your system hardware issue.

If your mouse is wired mouse and your computer port is working fine with other computer items like keyboards, etc then your computer port is working fine, and it’s your mouse hardware issue. But if your mouse is wireless and it is connected to your computer system perfectly but now only the side buttons not working then it will be your mouse issue and your system is 100% fine.

Corsair Mouse Gets Damaged

The reason why Corsair mouse side buttons not working can be because of your mouse damage. Now most of the time while playing games you accidently drop your mouse. There a small chips with very small wires attached to the mouse.

In this way when the mouse falls on the floor that chip or wire can get some serious damage. Now, how you can troubleshoot this issue? First, if you know how to open your Corsair mouse then open it otherwise check the procedure through YouTube and follow the steps accordingly.

Check if there are any wires in your mouse. If yes then check all are connected properly somewhere. If any wire is connected at one end and not connected on the other end then check where it should be connected and connect that wire properly.

Secondly, if there is no wire then there will be only one chip inside your mouse. Check if your mouse chip is damaged from any side or not. If your chip is damaged then buy a new Geniun chip of that mouse and replace it accordingly.

Mouse Drivers are Outdated

Another common reason why Corsair mouse side buttons do not work is its driver issue. Most people don’t know that this mouse came with the drivers too. So, you have to keep them up to date to use these mice properly.

Each mouse comes up with the software that you install in your computer system and checks from time to time if there are any new updates available or not. If there is any new driver available for your Corsair mouse then simply plug your mouse into your computer and click on the updated drivers on your computer system to update your Corsair mouse drivers.

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To update your Corsair mouse drivers you must have a good internet connection so that the software can download the new drivers and install them properly in your mouse. You can check videos on YouTube too on how you can update Corsair mouse drivers. Just follow the procedure and you are good to use your Corsair mouse.

Another simple way to update the mouse drivers is as follows:

  • Type Run on the bottom left side where Windows icons appear and type “Run” there.
  • A new small window will appear where you can type anything.
  • Type “MSC” there and click on the OK button.
  • The device manager will open.
  • Expand the Mouse and other pointing device section.
  • A new window will appear. Right-click on your Corsair mouse and click on the Update Drivers button.
  • After the update just restart your system and you can use your Corsair mouse again.

Corsair Mouse Side Buttons Not Working

iCUE Issues

Icue is the last thing that can cause Corsair mouse side buttons not working issue. If all the fixes that we discussed above are not helping you then this is the last fix and hopefully, this will help you to fix your Corsair mouse buttons issue.

What is the issue? Well, it a software that is offered by Corsair to manage all their Corsair products whether you are using their mouse, keyboards, handset, or any other product. You can manage all of your Corsair items with this all-in-one software. Well, there are three steps that you will follow one by one.

Step 1 is to check side button actions. Usually, side buttons require issue assignment to function properly. Check for the unexpected command or value in the Action menu and choose the default setting for your mouse there.

After, this setting open iCUE and then the mouse device section where you can manage your Corsair mouse, in the left side panel, there is an Action tab click on that tab and check whether all the configuration of your mouse is correct or not. If you see anything which is not according to your settings then update your settings and save them.

Step 2 If you think that all your settings configuration is correct then maybe there is an issue with your Corsair software and you need to repair it. How you can update your Corsair mouse application?

At the left bottom where the windows icon appears, there is a search bar. Click on the search bar and type “Control Panel” there. A new window will appear. Search for the “Programs “option there. Under the program option, there is an option “Uninstall a program”. Click on it.

A new window will appear where all the applications which already been installed on your system will be shown there. Find “Corsair Utility Engine” there and right click on it and select repair. A small window will appear to confirm that you are sure to repair the application. Click on yes and it will repair your application. When repair of your application will finish and restart your PC. It will fix your Corsair mouse side buttons not working issue.

Step 3 If you are still facing the same issue then follow step 2 again and where you select the repair option select uninstall there and uninstall your application there. After uninstalling visit Corsair’s official website and install your Corsair latest software again. This is the last fix to solve the Corsair mouse side buttons not working issue.

After following all these fixes if your mouse still not working then there is a serious issue with your mouse and there is no other fix. If there is any warranty available then apply for the mouse from there or buy a new one.

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